300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

(Beginning Spring 2018)

Our Yoga Alliance accredited teacher trainings aim to provide comprehensive instruction in all aspects of teaching yoga—from understanding the philosophy that is the foundation of this ancient practice, to in-depth anatomy and biomechanics, to how to stay inspired as a teacher. The 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training will build on the knowledge of our 200 hour foundational course in 5 immersions with Master Teachers from each area of focus. Each immersion is based on a particular aspect of practice according to the Koshas (Those of you who completed our 200 Hour training will remember the koshas!):

The Physical Body
100 Hours

Choose 2 of 3 Immersions; Embodied Anatomy and the Art of Touch is required by all, but you can choose between Advanced Asana and Creative Sequencing or Teaching Yoga for the Individual (which will focus more on preparing teachers to tailor private Yoga sessions to their students' needs.)

Embodied Anatomy and The Art of Touch with Cat McCarthy
Saturday, March 10th- Friday, March 16th; 7 Full Days, 7:30am-9pm;
$1050 Early Bird Tuition ($1200 after first 15 registrations)

Choose One to complete 100 Hrs in Anatomy:

  • Advanced Asana and Creative Sequencing (30 Hours) Dates: TBD July 2018
    $295 Early Bird Tuition ($315 after first 15 registrations)
  • Teaching Yoga for the Individual (30 Hours) Dates: TBD July 2018
    $295 Early Bird Tuition ($315 after first 15 registrations)

The Subtle Body and the Mind
(Pranamaya and Manomaya)
70 Hours

70 Hours Required, in one Week-long Retreat. Pranamaya is the subtle energy body and Manomaya is the layer of the mind. This course will explore advanced subtle body anatomy (nadis, chakras, vayus, etc.) and the Yogic practices that work with them, how to teach those practices safely, and how to guide inspirational group mindfulness and meditation classes. This will consist primarily of personal practice, dharma talk, and discussion.

7 Day Pranayama and Meditation Retreat
Dates and Location: TBD Winter 2018

Knowledge and Wisdom
50 Hours

50 Hours Required, in one 5 day Immersion. Vijnanamaya Kosha is known as the wisdom layer. It is comprised of our higher levels of knowledge and discernment. For this portion of our training, we will focus on key points in the ancient yogic texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, how to apply those teachings to your everyday life, and how to incorporate them into your classes in a way that is informative and inspiring.

Applied Yoga Philosophy Immersion with Nicolai Bachman
(50 Hours)
Dates and Location: TBD Spring 2019

Finding Joy through Service
80 Hours

80 Total Hours, in one 5 day immersion + 30 Hours Implementing a Community Service Project The subtlest layer of our being is pure unfiltered love and joy. One of the most direct ways to connect with that inner joy is through devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and service (Karma Yoga). This final 5 day immersion will involve community building through group and partner work; self-study through personal practice, journaling and meditation; and spiritual connection through devotional chanting. The last 30 hours will involve developing and implementing a community service project in your hometown under the guidance of a senior teacher and mentor from our school.

Leadership and Community Building: A 5 Day Immersion and Community Service Project
(50 Hour Immersion + 30 mentored hours of service)
Dates: TBD Summer 2019

Students may attend any of these immersions without committing to the Full 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training. Those who wish to complete the full training must have a 200 Hour certification from a Yoga Alliance accredited school (or be in the process) and must complete all 300 advanced hours at their own pace. Contact Stevi (662-607-3222) or Mary (662-832-1941) with questions or for more information. Or Email us.