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Embodied Anatomy & The Art of Touch

March 10th-16th, 2018
With Cat McCarthy ERYT-500, YACEP®

Yoga can be defined as both “skill in action” and “relationship.” As a yoga teacher, you have the opportunity to skillfully relate to your students.  You can touch them with your eyes, words, and hands, while you hold the space for exploration to unfold.  The more you know about the inner workings of your body from the inside out, the more you can help guide that interconnection for others.

In this immersion, Cat will first introduce a relationship between compressive and tensile forces present in your bones and muscles as you embody asana.  After which, you will apply that understanding to the role of assisting with a clear vision, encouraging instruction, and supportive touch.  This will be a seriously playful integration of theory and practice.

Sample Daily Schedule for the 7 Day Immersion:
7:30-10AM Group Practice: Asana, Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation
10-10:30AM Breakfast (Tea and light snacks provided)
10:30AM-1PM Morning Session
1-3PM Lunch and Free Time
3-5:30PM Afternoon Session
5:30-6:30PM Dinner
6:30-8:00PM Evening Session

Full Tuition for 7 Day Immersion:  $1200

The first 15 registrants will receive $150 discount off tuition if PAID IN FULL at time of registration. Discount will appear in your cart at checkout until we have 15 registrations.

If you are unable to pay the full tuition up front, you can reserve your space in the class by making the $300 non-refunable deposit here and completing the remainder of tuition payment upon arrival.

*This week-long immersion is for Yoga Teachers or those interested in deepening their understanding of Yoga & Anatomy.  It satisfies 70 required hours of our 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program accredited through the Yoga Alliance.  You are not required to commit to the full 300 Hour training in order to attend. Details about our 200 Hour Basic Teacher Training and 300 Hour Advanced Training are listed below and will be posted on our website soon.  Contact us with any questions:  Stevi (662-607-3222) or Mary (662-832-1941).
Cat Smiles

Cat McCarthy, ERYT-500

What do The Three Stooges, four-leaf clover hunting, and wine tasting have in common?  Yoga, according to Cat McCarthy.  Whether telling a story on the silver screen or during class, Cat makes connections between everyday details and the big picture, weaving it all into a fun, poignant narrative.  A dedicated yoga practitioner since 1993 and innovative educator/teacher trainer since 2002, Cat holds teaching certifications in Anusara Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and The Barnes Method Prenatal Yoga and has studied extensively within the philosophical tradition of Rajanaka Yoga. Cat’s facilitation in NVC (Non-Violent Communication) has helped bridge her conflict resolution skills to her yoga practice both on and off the mat.  Mixing dynamic alignment and repatterning tools with a playful approach, Cat’s guidance is informative and entertaining.  When not traversing the globe to teach yoga, this Emmy-nominated filmmaker directs/produces non-fiction projects.  For more info, please visit:

Yoga for Two: A Partner Yoga Workshop

Sat. AUG 26th; 10:30AM-12:30PM

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Bring a friend (or a loved one) and join us Saturday, Aug. 26th  for a fun, light-hearted practice that involves partner Yoga poses, introductory AcroYoga, and Thai Yoga massage. This workshop is perfect for couples or friends, beginners or seasoned Yogis.  
Register Here for $40/couple

(Register one person here for $40, and the second person can sign in as your guest when you arrive.)  Space limited to 12 pairs, so register early to reserve. 

Instructor: Stevi Self

Monthly Chakra Workshop Series

Join Southern Star instructor, Jolynn Perry, the first Saturday of the month to explore one of the seven major chakras.  Chakras represent the convergence of energy along the spinal column from tailbone to crown, and each is related to physical organs and organ systems, emotional tendencies, and mental qualities.  Each two-hour, all levels class includes asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudras (hand positions), mantra (chanting), and meditation that work with the Chakras.


Sat, Nov 5:  Muladhara (Root) Chakra–  focuses on grounding, stability, security and balance.
Sat, Dec 3:  Svadisthana (Sacral) Chakra–  focuses on creativity, sexuality, and emotional well-being 
Sat, Jan 7:  Manipura (Solar Plexus)–  focuses on will, determination, self-esteem and personal power 
Sat, Feb 4:  Anahata (Heart) Chakra–  focuses on love, compassion, forgiveness, and emotional connection to others
Sat, Mar 4: Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra–  focuses on communication, expression, synthesis, and harmony
Sat, Apr 1: Ajna (Third Eye / Brow) Chakra–  focuses on vision, imagination, intuition, and self-mastery
NEW DATE!!! Sat, May 20th:  Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra–  focuses on union, bliss, transcendence, and connection to the divine within BOOK the Sahasrara Class

Register by purchasing a class option (either single class or full series) and then BOOK the classes you want to attend through our online schedule:

$25 for a single class or $150 for Full Workshop Series (Get one class FREE!)


Jolynn completed Southern Star’s Yoga teacher training in May 2014 and has been teaching ever since.  She has a keen interest in the comprehensive practice of yoga that involves the physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual components. These classes will explore the mulitpicity of yoga and how this ancient system can be used to create balance in our lives.

NEW DATE!!! AcroYoga Flight School: Saturday, February 11th


Are you ready for an all-day AcroYoga extravaganza?!  Our AcroYoga Flight school is perfect for the AcroYoga beginner, the curious, as well as the seasoned practitioner.  You can come to any* or all three classes:

Flight School:  Saturday, February 11th

AcroYoga Basic Training, 10:30AM-12:30PM:  This class is perfect for beginners or seasoned practitioners who want more experience outside of their usual roles (i.e. flyers can practice basing, and bases can practice flying).  We will work in same size groups on partner conditioning exercises, calibrations, basic mounts, dismounts, and poses. $30 single class

AcroYoga: Solar Practices, 2:30-5:30PM: This class will build on the basics from the morning class to prepare us for beginning inversions, flows, and creative acrobatic mounts and dismounts.  Solar AcroYoga is light-hearted, exhilarating, and empowering. $40 single class (*see prerequisite below)

AcroYoga: Lunar Practices, 7:30-9:30PM:  This class will be the perfect end to a day of hard work and fun! The lunar side of AcroYoga draws on the Thai Yoga Massage tradition and the healing arts.  We will practice Thai flying, where the flyer is passive and receptive while being guided into supported yoga postures.  We will finish with Thai massage sharing. $30 single class

Join us for the all day workshop and save $10!

$90 Full AcroYoga Flight School

*Please note that the AcroYoga Basics class from 10:30AM-12:30PM is a pre-requisite for the afternoon Solar Acrobatic class from 2:30-5:30PM IF you don’t have prior experience with the system and lingo.


A note from Stevi Self, AcroYoga Instructor: Jeff and I have been practicing AcroYoga together and sharing it with the Oxford yoga community for over 4 years. This practice combines the principles of yoga (such as mindfulness, focus, strength, and flexibility) with the added elements of trust, cooperation and communication through partner work. Through this practice we develop a sensitivity and receptivity that empowers us to trust ourselves and others without fear. Jeff and I strive to make the class environment playful, enjoyable, safe, and supportive. We welcome everyone–even if you think you could NEVER do AcroYoga.  We accept the challenge to prove you wrong!

I completed my certification with in Jan. 2016 in Goa, India, and I am excited to share what I’ve learned with you. Come fly with us!


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Yoga 101: A Workshop for Beginners

Thought about trying yoga, but uncomfortable joining a regular class? This 2 session workshop will introduce you to the holistic practice of yoga in an atmosphere which will allow you to ask questions and explore this practice with other beginners. You will learn the basics of yoga postures, breathing, physical modifications and studio etiquette.

This Yoga 101 is taught by Mary Solomon, co-owner of Southern Star and co-leader of Southern Star’s Yoga Teacher Training. Her light-hearted approach to teaching, sense of humor, and love of yoga will encourage and inspire.

2 Saturdays in February (2/18 and 2/25)
Class Time:  10:30AM-12:30PM
$50 for Full Workshop or $30 drop-ins

   Register Now

Master Class with Guest Teacher Brian Nygard

brian nygard 3

Join our guest yoga instructor, Brian Nygard, from Yoga to the People in NYC for a non-heated,  intermediate to advanced level Vinyasa Flow class. Brian is a dedicated yogi, musician and teacher living in New York City.  His teaching balances a vigorous physical practice with careful alignment, restoration and attention to breath.

Tuesday, May 10th; 4-5:15pm

$15 discounted drop-in for Members, $20 for Non-members

Book the Master Class now to reserve your space!

brian nygard yoga

(*Brian will also be guest teaching Stevi’s Hot Flow Yoga at 7pm, on Tues. May 10th, which is open to all.  This class is free to Southern Star members, but space is limited and is first-come first-serve. Book this class through our online class schedule and arrive early to ensure your space in the class.)

Sound Healing for Balancing the Chakras: Friday, April 1st 7:30-9pm

susannah crystal bowls
Join Susannah Furr and her crystal singing bowls for a powerful experience using “sound massage” to balance and align the chakras.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel,” and it is used to describe places within our being where energy converges.  This energetic system is closely related to our nervous system and enlivens many other body systems, such as the reproductive, digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems.  When our energetic system is balanced, it helps us to feel alive, vibrant, and well.  This healing sound meditation will help to balance and align the chakras through Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, and leave you in an extraordinary state of relaxation and clarity.
Susannah Furr, M.Ed., is a local Licensed Professional Counselor of 25 years.  She combines her grounded presence as a therapist, meditation teacher, and Reiki Teacher, with her Bachelor’s degree in music to bring her audience in alignment with their pure essence. She has been traveling the Southeast to share this experience with sold out crowds.
​B​ring your pillows, blankets , or yoga mats for relaxation while soaking up the healing sounds of the bowls
Cost: $15
Registration closed! Class is FULL
Please join us next time!